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Credit Loss Forecasting

Our analysts are experts at preparing various views of loan delinquency

Lagged and Co-Incident Delinquency Indicators

Used for portfolios that are growing while co-incident indicators will be used to measure pools where the portfolios are in decline.


Net Flow Analysis

Net flow analysis will measure roll rates (net flow rates) from delinquency buckets as defined by you, our clients. 


Was-In Analysis

Was-in analysis measures loans that are new to the bucket versus those loans that are constantly in the bucket. 


Months On the Books Analysis

Measures loans on a static basis avoiding the problem of diluting the pool statistics with loans that have not aged to the point where average delinquency rates apply.


Vintage Analysis

Vintage analysis measures pools as tranches based on common origination dates.


Measure of Score Distributions Over Time.

Measuring credit score migrations to provide indicators as to the trends of the pools.

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